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Help-Portrait Remembers Nelson Mandela

We're honored that Ubuntu Help-Portrait in South Africa had the opportunity to help celebrate Nelson Mandela's life through an initiative called 94toGram, a collection of Help-Portrait messages marking his 94th birthday. "Through this, we gave people who do not often have a chance to shout-out, the opportunity to send online birthday messages to South Africa’s most loved [...]

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Making Stars Shine Brighter

Stanley-Carl du-Pont is an H-P organizer for Ubuntu Help-Portrait in Johannesburg, South Africa. He offers an overview of his group's ambitious plan for 2012. In 2011 Ubuntu Help-Portrait volunteers hosted 95 portrait events and gave a staggering +13,000 portraits over 10 weeks to bring our tally to over 19,500 free portraits in three years. A photographer [...]

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