Beautifully Flawed

"We impress people with our supposed perfections, but we connect with each other in our flaws." -Donald Miller In a recent blog post, author Donald Miller talks about about no matter how much we change, we still feel like that rejected kid with whatever fill-in-the-blank shortcomings we had (or still have). Learning to love our [...]

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Take a Photo, Pass It On

I love the creativity here. Someone sent a package with a disposable camera on the outside and asked the postal workers to take a picture before they passed it on. The package traveled from Massachusetts to Hawaii. The recipient and sender share the resulting photos here on this blog. How fun! What creative ways have [...]

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World Photography Day

It's World Photography Day! According to, its origins go back to Aug. 19, 1839, when the French government announced the invention of the Daguerreotype, a photographic process developed by Louis Daguerre, as a gift “Free to the World.” Learn more about the history of photography at Wikipedia. (Creative Commons photo: Detail of Boulevard du [...]

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The Evolution of Humanitarian Photography

Our friends at Halogen TV have a post up today featuring a panel of six humanitarian photographers discussing the role and evolution of the genre. Tony Cece, Gary S. Chapman, Rhys Harper, Douglas Klostermann, Bryan Watt and Kasper Nybo talk about recent innovations and challenges. They answer "How has humanitarian photography evolved over the last [...]

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Jen May’s The World Through Our Eyes

Jen May Pastores (@jenmayzie) is a photographer from greater Los Angeles who has been a total rock star for Help-Portrait. Her team's efforts as Help-Portrait Los Angeles (@HelpPortraitLA | Facebook) have drawn national attention, thanks in part to celebrity friends who participated in the past two years' events. In this post, we share about another [...]

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