Global Spotlight: Pakistan

From Wahaj Alley, Help-Portrait Pakistan: While we go about with our lives, there are millions of children who are going about with their own little routines; going to school, finishing their homework, living their tiny lives, with their big smiles, and beautiful hearts. Some children, on the other hand, are lying under the ground, because [...]

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HP Story of the Day: Pakistan

Syed Usama Ali, Karachi Sind, Pakistan: Actually it wasn't a one-day event for us here in Pakistan. We gave the interested photographers a bracket to return the portraits till the 30th of Dec 2012 at their own convenience. One of the most interesting stories came when this friend took a portrait of these four helpers [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Islamabad, Pakistan

"All children dream of what they will be and it changes as often as their fancies do; the sad reality is that most of them [in the slum area I targeted] won't even finish attending primary school. Life and reality will overpower them and these dreams will be buried deep in some intangible place .... [...]

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