“We all left with a smile” – Belleville, Ontario

The Bridge Street United Church in Belleville, Ontario welcomed over 100 people, said local Help-Portrait Event Director Denise Nicholls. Here she shares some of her favorite pictures: One beautiful family poses together for a portrait. The mother of these sisters volunteered to do makeup for the day. "We had a wonderful time [...]

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HP Story of the Day: Ottawa, Ontario

Kevin BHookun & Valerie Miles, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: This year, I had the opportunity of leading and organizing Help-Portrait Ottawa. With the help of a few wonderful volunteers and sponsors, we were able to put together an awesome event that certainly made a difference in the lives of the 80+ families on Sunday December 9, [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: North Bay, Ontario

Help-Portrait Ontario photographed nominated participants from Amelia Rising, a local sanctuary for victims of sexual assault. The director of the facility gave the group permission to share the letter (below) following their successful event. "The success of our event relied on personal hostesses who guided the participants, gave them confidence, were with them from beginning [...]

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