“I will show this to my mother when I meet her someday” – Pematangsiantar, Indonesia

"This the first time Help-Portrait was held in the Province of North Sumatra," writes Maruli Juara Aritonang, the Event Director for Help-Portrait Pematangsiantar, Indonesia. Maruli first heard about Help-Portrait through Fauzi Hermawan, a local cinematographer. "I toldĀ him, 'We should do this in this city. No matter how many personnel get involved, we must execute this.'" [...]

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HP Story of the Day: Jakarta, Indonesia

Ananggadipa Raswanto, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia: We photographed the eldery, the old people who have been kicked out of house by the family, left on the street, etc. It's really something that we can give affection to them through our gift, the photographs. The last photo is one of sweetest moment of that day when [...]

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First Help-Portrait Indonesia shares beautiful behind-the-scenes shots of the first ever Help-Portrait Indonesia. Recipients of the photos were 170 girls aged from 6-18 and 10 others from an all-girl orphanage in Jakarta. More than 50 volunteers made the day possible, chronicled in this personal essay.

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