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‘No Catch’ – Flagstaff, AZ

I was walking a family to the portrait studio, and the wife asked me if it was photography students who run the shoots. I said "no, they are all professional photographers." She asked me why they were doing this for free, and I said "because it's the holidays, and because why not." She didn't appear [...]

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‘After a few hours, I understood completely’ – Philadelphia, PA

At first, I wasn’t quite sure how taking someone’s picture could help them. After a few hours at the event, I understood completely. Most of the people in the pictures below shared their incredible stories with me. From massive weight loss to overcoming various struggles, each subject was proud of something they'd accomplished. One gentleman [...]

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Portrait Recipient Becomes Photographer

Rebecca Bartlett, Wilmington, DE, USA The most amazing moment of the day came late in the afternoon when one of the photographers was outside speaking to a young woman walking down the street. She had no intentions on getting her portrait done that day. This young lady came in alone and nervous. She was very [...]

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Sponsor Spotlight: Emma

Emma is a relatively new email marketing company with a team committed to giving back, sustainability and innovation. Inc. magazine recently named Emma one of the 50 best small company workplaces, and it's no surprise. Each year, they give away 25 Emma accounts (through the annual Emma 25 initiative awards, benefitting small, deserving nonprofits that [...]

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How Does Help-Portrait Help?

Artists have created self-portraits since the beginning of time. Historically, an artist's self-portrait has been known "as a public test of the artist's skill." A self-portrait, in artistic circles, could prove your worth. Not only that, but wealthiest members of society have always commissioned portraits of themselves and their family as a way to prove [...]

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Meet Rachel!

Rachel is working as our new project coordinator and we're so happy to have her on board. She's going to be helping us oversee our merchandise, video and website work, plus much more. She's a photographer and newlywed living in Franklin, TN. Here's a little more about her. Who I am: Hi there! I'm Rachel [...]

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