“Happiness is worth sharing” – Bali, Indonesia

Help-Portrait Bali Event Director Mario Juanito wrote about his team's experience meeting and photographing children at the Maria Goretti Orphanage Palarsari: "We joined forces with some of our colleagues in the wedding industry to share happiness and joy to the Maria Goretti Orphanage Palasari in Negara, Bali. "For those who are familiar with Bali, Negara [...]

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“The line between volunteers and subjects was blurred” – Eastbourne, UK

"Many people were amazed that it was free, with no strings attached," writes local Help-Portrait Event Director Nigel Wiggins, including one special moment: "A 12-year-old girl saved for two years to buy a puppy and wanted a photo with her new dog." Nigel notes that at their event Centro Lounge in Eastbourne, UK, the "line between [...]

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“I will show this to my mother when I meet her someday” – Pematangsiantar, Indonesia

"This the first time Help-Portrait was held in the Province of North Sumatra," writes Maruli Juara Aritonang, the Event Director for Help-Portrait Pematangsiantar, Indonesia. Maruli first heard about Help-Portrait through Fauzi Hermawan, a local cinematographer. "I told him, 'We should do this in this city. No matter how many personnel get involved, we must execute this.'" [...]

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“This is what a small town with a huge heart can do” – Georgetown, Delaware

From People's Place in Georgetown, Delaware, local Help-Portrait Event Director Michelle Shockley shares photos and memories of the day: "This a 15-year-old boy has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He does not walk and is wheelchair-bound. He was adopted when he was two and is surrounded by the most loving family. This is their second Help-Portrait Event. His sisters pick him [...]

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“We all left with a smile” – Belleville, Ontario

The Bridge Street United Church in Belleville, Ontario welcomed over 100 people, said local Help-Portrait Event Director Denise Nicholls. Here she shares some of her favorite pictures: One beautiful family poses together for a portrait. The mother of these sisters volunteered to do makeup for the day. "We had a wonderful time [...]

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“They came back later with thank you cards for every volunteer” – Syracuse, KS

"This was our very first help-portrait in Syracuse, KS," writes local Help-Portrait Event Director Michele Boy. "After we were done most every volunteer is signed up to do it again! "This family had their makeup and hair styled. When they saw their photo they were beaming and came back later with thank you cards for every volunteer! "This little girl was mesmerized [...]

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“Giving back is an amazing thing” – Vicenza, Italy

From the La Fraglia Special Needs Center in Vicenza, Italy, Help-Portrait Event Director Steve Malone shares some memories from the day. "Giving back is an amazing thing," says Malone, "especially when its to a community not your own. Being stationed in Italy with the U.S. Army has been quite an experience, but Help-Portrait La Fraglia is [...]

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“This photo is a gift to himself” – Vancouver, BC

Help-Portrait Vancouver got a head-start this year, hosting their event at Union Gospel Mission on November 26. Here, Event Director Bernard Ng introduces us to the faces and the stories of the day: "Stanley, also known as 'Papa,' is a repeat guest to Help-Portrait. Originally from Texas, he has lived in Vancouver for many many years. [...]

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“This means so much to so many” – San Francisco, CA

For the Help-Portrait San Francisco event at The Bayview Opera House, young photography mentees got their shot behind the camera. "It's such an awesome thing for the youth in our program to be the photographers for this special day," writes local Help-Portrait Event Director Erik Auerbach. "It's been so rewarding for the last 7 years [...]

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“They’re hopeful that their future will be even better” – Buffalo, NY

"We were excited to join Help-Portrait for the first time this year and cannot wait until 2017!" - Jeremy Cooper, Event Director for Help-Portrait Buffalo, NY Hear all about Help-Portrait Buffalo — and meet a little girl you won't soon forget! — in the video below: Help-Portrait Buffalo 2016 from Jeremy Cooper on Vimeo.

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