Rewind: Great Help-Portrait Stories from 2011-12

Miguel & daughter Rosaura in Mexico was one of the most powerful images of 2012. Miguel cares for Rosaura after her mother could no longer handle the challenges they faced following an accident. Whenever you compile a list, it's tempting to call it "great" or "top" or "best," but when you're talking about [...]

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Help-Portrait Milwaukee

Help-Portrait Milwaukee hosted a dozen event sites last year. They were superstars at fundraising and media darlings as well. In this video they recap their amazing year as they look forward to 2013's events Dec. 7-9. Find them on Facebook at facebook.com/helpportraitmke and leave a note of encouragement below for them!

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Help-Portrait 2013 Staten Island, NY Documentary

Last year in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy that ravaged the Northeast U.S., the Help-Portrait community rallied to help victims. With donations that came in, 78 photographers and 172 volunteers were able to provide free portraits for 278 different families who were affected across four events in New Jersey and New York. Each family received [...]

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HP Story of the Day: Los Angeles, CA

Allegra Miller, Los Angeles, CA, USA: Our event took place at a Head Start. We photographed the low-income families there, also providing free food, hair and makeup and childcare. Because our program is government funded, a father said to me, "I'm so grateful to the government for doing this for us..." I explained to him [...]

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HP Story of the Day: Cleveland, OH

Shelley Shockley, Cleveland, OH, USA: This event achieved the goal that I believe you guys sought when you started this project four years ago - to make those less fortunate in our communities feel good about themselves. When I decided to try and put this event together I didn't know if it would come to [...]

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HP Story of the Day: Farmington Hills, MI

Tiffany Christina Stewart, Farmington Hills, MI, USA: This year we ran a very small event, doing a senior portrait photo shoot for three high school gentlemen at a local kids residential center. It was wonderful to watch their transition during the shoot from shy and quiet to confident and having a blast. Once they got [...]

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HP Story of the Day: Seminole, FL

Julie Swink, Seminole, FL, USA: We went to an orphanage with 60 children who are not up for adoption. The HOPE home is there to take in abandoned children. They keep siblings together. I wanted to make sure these kids had pictures of themselves growing up. But the mission got bigger than portraits. I raised [...]

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HP Story of the Day: Ottawa, Ontario

Kevin BHookun & Valerie Miles, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: This year, I had the opportunity of leading and organizing Help-Portrait Ottawa. With the help of a few wonderful volunteers and sponsors, we were able to put together an awesome event that certainly made a difference in the lives of the 80+ families on Sunday December 9, [...]

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HP Story of the Day: Myrtle Beach, SC

Stephanie Necessary, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA: The family I photographed has been through a lot. It was a mother and two young children. Last year, the woman's estranged husband shot and killed the woman's boyfriend in front of the two children. Their family has been rocked to the core, and it has taken a lot [...]

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