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How do I start a group?

If you're interested in starting your own group and/or event, fill out this form so we can register you and send the Help-Portrait Event Director's Kit. This kit will provide you details on how to start and lead a group effectively, use the HP brand, answer questions about merchandise, fundraising and submitting your event statistics to be [...]

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How do I join an existing group?

If you haven't already, find a group near you. Once you're able to locate an active group, we recommend reaching out to the group leader to see how you can connect and get involved. The earlier you join, the better your chances of playing a meaningful part in the event.

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How do I find out if there is an event in my area?

The best way to find an active local group is a Google search. We recommend searching for the following format: “{city state} help-portrait“. It may seem simple, but it’s effective. In the past, we operated a “community” site that existed for the sole purpose of connecting volunteers with local groups. Overtime, that site has become inactive [...]

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