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What equipment do I need?

A question we get all of the time here at Help-Portrait is what kind of equipment do I need for my Help-Portrait event? Austin Mann, a Dallas based photographer that put on the HP event in Dallas last year put together a list of things he used for his event in Dallas and he also [...]

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What about event signage?

Ron Manke, a Help-Portrait organizer in Edmonton, AB, Canada, has shared his event signage and forms. We’ve added them to the downloads page and posted the links to the PDFs here as well. Feel free to use these or use these as guides to create your own. Event Signage & Forms Client Handout Form (PDF) – [...]

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How do I find a local non-profit partner?

Finding at least one local non-profit partner is essential to pulling off a good medium to large event. The main reason is simply because these organizations have established relationships with the people you seek to take portraits of and they're in regular communication with them. This is a huge benefit when it comes to promoting [...]

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Do you have a recommended site for organizing my group and event?

We recommend Meetup.com as the easiest way to setup, organize and communicate about the event with those who want to participate. The tools and resources they provide are essential. For a small fee, you can upgrade and open up more planning and communication tools. Meetup.com makes it easy for other photogs, hairstylists and makeup artists [...]

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What does a typical event look like?

There isn't one way to do a Help-Portrait event. Our experience has found that events in third world countries look very different than those in western influenced countries. The setup and format largely depends on what your goals are. Here's what one of our test events in Nashville, Tennessee looked like: Setup started at 8:30am. [...]

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What about liability insurance?

If you are using a commercial space for your event, you may be required to provide proof of insurance in order to use the space. Help-Portrait, Inc. does not provide coverage for this as it is cost prohibited to cover events in nearly 70 countries. We recommend that you reach out to a local insurance [...]

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Who pays for the event?

The vision of Help-Portrait is that the community of photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists and volunteers would pool their financial resources to pay for the event and the materials needed. Many groups have found success in getting local companies to donate some or all of their needs. We think this is a really great solution and [...]

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