World Vision Report Talks to Jeremy Cowart

We'd like to thank World Vision Report for talking to Jeremy about Help-Portrait earlier this month.  It is a great interview - check it out! About World Vision Report: The Edward R. Murrow Award-winning World Vision report is a weekly radio program that captures the human drama behind global issues and events. More information and [...]

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Priceless portraits put smiles on less fortunate

Check out the full article and video here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- DALLAS — It's hard to imagine that looking into a lens might be a luxury. "We have cameras in our pockets and in our purses," said photographer Taylor McCabe. "We can document things whenever we want and post them to Facebook when we get home. [...]

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Dallas Help-Portrait Interview on ABC

Local Dallas Photographer, Taylor McCabe, who is heading up the Dallas Help-Portrait event on Saturday was interviewed on the local Dallas ABC affiliate this morning talking about Help-Portrait and. With nearly 4 minutes of coverage Taylor was truly able to share the vision and mission of Help-Portrait for the Dallas community and how special it [...]

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Help-Portrait Held Worldwide on Saturday, 04 Dec

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Lori Mahon HELP-PORTRAIT HELD WORLDWIDE ON SATURDAY, 04 DECEMBER 2ND ANNUAL EVENT EXPANDS, BROADCASTS LIVE ONLINE NASHVILLE, TN -- November 30, 2010 -- This Saturday on the 4th of December, thousands of photographers and volunteers worldwide will unite for the second annual Help-Portrait event. The idea behind Help-Portrait is [...]

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Partnership Announced with Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Lori Mahon PHOTOGRAPHERS UNITE FOR 2ND ANNUAL HELP-PORTRAIT: 04 DEC 2010 PARTNERSHIP WITH RITZ & WOLF CAMERA & IMAGE NASHVILLE, TN -- November 5, 2010 -- In 2009, Help-Portrait began as an idea that transformed into a movement in just three months.  The idea behind Help-Portrait is simple: 1. [...]

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Help-Portrait / creativeLIVE Partnership

Hey everyone! We're excited to announce that Help-Portrait is going to be doing a partnership this holiday season with creativeLIVE! creativeLIVE is a FREE Online Worldwide Educational Platform. They reached out to us this year and asked if they could help spread the word and raise more awareness. So starting next week, our founder, Jeremy [...]

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We need help!

If you're not a photographer but would like to participate in Help-Portrait, we have an opportunity for you. We are in need of at least two highly talented marketing people to help us between now and the end of year as we get ready for Help-Portrait 2010. Assignments will range from: copywriting connecting people on [...]

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