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Making Stars Shine Brighter

Stanley-Carl du-Pont is an H-P organizer for Ubuntu Help-Portrait in Johannesburg, South Africa. He offers an overview of his group's ambitious plan for 2012. In 2011 Ubuntu Help-Portrait volunteers hosted 95 portrait events and gave a staggering +13,000 portraits over 10 weeks to bring our tally to over 19,500 free portraits in three years. A photographer [...]

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First Help-Portrait Indonesia

Aperturaphoto.com shares beautiful behind-the-scenes shots of the first ever Help-Portrait Indonesia. Recipients of the photos were 170 girls aged from 6-18 and 10 others from an all-girl orphanage in Jakarta. More than 50 volunteers made the day possible, chronicled in this personal essay.

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Help-Portrait on CNN.com

CNN.com U.S. edition featured Help-Portrait on its homepage, with a look at several Help-Portait events and participants, including Luanne Dietz, a photojournalist and middle school photography teacher in St. Petersburg, Florida, and blogger Karen Lim, who recently traveled to Swaziland to capture portraits in an underprivileged local community. See the full coverage here: "Photographers to [...]

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Help-Portrait Is Here!

This is it! The third annual Help-Portrait is about to begin. We can't tell you how excited we are to see this movement grow to the size it has - thousands of you in 56 countries across the world are signed up to make a difference in people's lives in your own communities this weekend. [...]

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Help-Portrait Wristbands Now in the Store

This is a fun addition to the new apparel in the Help-Portrait store this year. These original Lens Bracelets designed by Adam Elmakias are made from durable black silicone with debossed red stripe and Help-Portrait Logo. It also comes in a black 50MM style. These bracelets were donated by Adam so all proceeds from your [...]

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