What is the recommend size of prints?

5×7 and 8×10 are good sizes, as 4×6 might feel a little small. You might want to ask your subjects what they prefer and give them as much say in the process as possible.

Should we offer one than one size?

Try to at least offer 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10.

How many prints do you normally give people?

It’s up to what you’re able to do. Last year we gave some families several prints, and other times we were so busy we were only able to give some families one.

Do you give people multiple poses – i.e. family shot, just mom & kids, just dad & kids, etc.

Some families we were able to give multiple poses to – again it depends on how busy your event is and how many you’re able to print. You can also burn a CD if time and supplies allow with all the images.

Do we print as soon as the portrait is taken, or give them a time to come back?

Either way will work. Printing immediately will be more convenient but giving the subjects a time to come back creates yet another opportunity to connect. One person in the chat room said “We will be giving people a ticket stub that has a number on it so we can track the people and their prints.” Great idea!

Do you let the subjects choose which image they want?

We think this is a good idea. The more control you can give the subjects in this process the better.

Is it okay to create an online gallery for the participants who want to proof their photos?

Same answer as above. We think it’s a great idea if you’re able to offer this – so long as the gallery isn’t public.

In your experience, did people want the actual image files? i.e. on CD

Yes, we heard from several that they were able to offer the images on CD as well as prints, so that’s a great idea.

Do you have a sample of that photographer’s release for subjects to take to get their own prints made?

Yes. Download it here: Photo Release Form (PDF)