There isn’t one way to do a Help-Portrait event. Our experience has found that events in third world countries look very different than those in western influenced countries. The setup and format largely depends on what your goals are.

Here’s what one of our test events in Nashville, Tennessee looked like:

Setup started at 8:30am. We took pictures from 10-4 and then cleaned up until about 5pm. Specifically related to the Nashville Rescue Mission, as people came in to eat their meal, one or two of our volunteers would explain the project and see if they would like their portrait taken. Then they would just walk over and get it done. Our contact at the shelter knew all the people, so there was no need to write names down, etc. But we have heard of some people taking a practice shot where the person/family is holding a sign with their name, or maybe an ID number, and then you can match them later.