Because Help-Portrait is a US based non-profit, we often get asked if people can setup a non-profit in their own country in order to offer tax benefits and to comply with government requirements. Unfortunately, Help-Portrait, Inc. doesn’t have the resources to properly setup and maintain these type of partnerships.

If you are seeking tax benefits or need to connect with a non-profit for legal purposes, we suggest the following:

  1. Ask a local non-profit to assist you in your event and efforts – Oftentimes, local churches and parishes will utilize HP events as an outreach and partner with local HP volunteers. This allows you to fundraise and funnel expenses through them for tax purposes.
  2. Start your own non-profit – This is the most extensive and expensive option, but it would give you the freedom and benefits you seek. Please understand that Help-Portrait is an international trademark and you do not have permission to use it in your business name.