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Kyle Chowning is the co-founder and executive director of Help-Portrait.

What if I’m the only one?

We know there are some of you who have signed up at the COMMUNITY SITE, started a group for your city or town, and you are the only photographer around. For starters, just because you are the FIRST one to sign up on the community site in your area doesn't mean you are the only [...]

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Help-Portrait 2010 is around the corner

Well hello everybody! It's been too long since we've stopped by and said hello at the Help-Portrait blog, so I thought I would chime in and give you an update on what's happening. As some of you have heard, we've been planning to launch the 2010 campaign for awhile. The main reason why you haven't [...]

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Dallax, TX: Behind the Scenes

Here is a detailed account of the Help-Portrait event preparations in Dallas, TX. Thanks to Austin Mann for organizing this and sending the information in. We feel certain this will help you as you plan for your event. --- Hey all, We did our Help-Portrait event a little early and fortunately it turned out to [...]

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Dear friends of Help-Portrait, A few quick points of interest. Due to some recent situations where people have begun to leverage the Help-Portrait brand and meaning to promote themselves or their company, we, the organizers, thought it would be helpful to provide some guidance on what you can expect from participating and leading Help-Portrait events: [...]

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