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Kyle Chowning is the co-founder and executive director of Help-Portrait.

Help-Portrait Starts Now

Hi HP Community, Help-Portrait officially starts right now in Australia. Over the next 36 hours, there will be thousands of photographers, hairstylist and makeup artists assisting in providing portraits, love and hope all around the world. We're grateful that we get to partner with you on this sixth annual Help-Portrait day. A few things to [...]

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Welcome to the new!

We hope you like our updated site and find it much easier to find what you're looking for. With this update came a lot of changes to the site. Here's a quick rundown of what's changed: Updated Stats! We finally updated our global statistics. Check it out about 3/4 down on the front page. Start [...]

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Explanation of our invite to “unsubscribe”

If you're a member of the Help-Portrait community site, last week you were sent an email inviting you to unsubscribe. In hindsight, we should have explained our intentions more thoroughly. This post is intended to give you some context for that email. This year, we celebrate our fifth year of doing Help-Portrait global events. Wow, [...]

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Necessary Elements to a Successful HP Event

If you're new, the idea of leading, even participating in a Help-Portrait event can be quite overwhelming. So, below is a list of what you need to get started on your first HP event. At minimum, you need: Camera Ability to print (onsite, local store or online) people to shoot This is not an oversimplification [...]

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2011 Stats

The 2011 stats are in. Without further ado... 56 countries 67,927 portraits given 4,984 photographers 8,793 volunteers If you haven't submitted your stats yet, don't worry, there's still time. We'll update this page as new stats roll in. But remember, it must be for the 2011 calendar year. We'll be posting a 2012 submission form [...]

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2010 Annual Report

Have you ever wondered what we do with the funds raised from donations, merchandise profits, etc. We present to you our 2010 Annual Report: a detailed look at what we, as an organization, accomplished in 2010, as well as the details about our income and expenses. Our goal has always been authenticity and transparency. This [...]

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An Important Community Update

First, welcome to the 505 new members that have joined within the past 10 days. We're honored that you're a part of our community and the international movement of Help-Portrait. ATTENTION LEADERS Leaders—I need your help. We've been using this community site for the past two years of Help-Portrait and we're running into a problem: [...]

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Help us spread the word about Help-Portrait

2011 marks the third year for Help-Portrait. What started as an idea way back in 2008 has grown into an international movement that has had more momentum than we ever expected. We can't say it enough...thank you! As we begin to prepare for the December 10, 2011 event, the Help-Portrait team is busy securing new merchandise, [...]

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2011 Date Change

Many of you have noticed that the date for the 2011 event appears to be different than what we originally announced. Nice catch. After doing Help-Portrait for two years now, we couldn't help but notice how difficult it was to pull off the worldwide event the weekend after the US Thanksgiving holiday. So, rather than [...]

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2010 Help-Portrait Event Stats

We're happy to report that the 2nd annual Help-Portrait event, held on 04 December 2010, was another great success. Here are the official contribution numbers by our amazing and generous photography community: 61,060 portraits given 3954 photographers 7766 volunteers 46 Countries 47 of 50 US states All told, since 2009, the Help-Portrait community has given [...]

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