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Karen is a writer and editor from Kansas City, MO. She currently lives in Dublin, Ireland.

“They’re hopeful that their future will be even better” – Buffalo, NY

"We were excited to join Help-Portrait for the first time this year and cannot wait until 2017!" - Jeremy Cooper, Event Director for Help-Portrait Buffalo, NY Hear all about Help-Portrait Buffalo — and meet a little girl you won't soon forget! — in the video below: Help-Portrait Buffalo 2016 from Jeremy Cooper on Vimeo.

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“I never looked back” – Plymouth, MA

After meeting Help-Portrait founder Jeremy Cowart in 2010, photographer Kris Hughes-Craig began to chase her dreams. "I opened my own studio this past June, started planning my first Help Portrait Event in July and never looked back." Now, as the Event Director for Help-Portrait Plymouth, she shares some of her memories of the event at her [...]

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“She blossomed like a rose” – Dordrecht, The Netherlands

The fifth time's the charm in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Event Director Aart van Joolingen shared about the lasting impact one portrait can make: "This time we were guests at the centre Crabbehoeve, a part of Dordrecht with a lot of problems. "This family has a very little money, so this is their first family picture. "Pauline's first [...]

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“He never thought he would be photographed again” –Ribeira Grande, Azores, Portugal

Acácio Amaral of Ribeira Grande, Azores, Portugal, shared these photos and stories from their Help-Portrait event last year. They said it was a pleasure joining Help-Portrait, and they’re looking forward to this year’s event.   "We had the presence of an old man who had just taken a picture about 60 years ago, when he was photographed for military service. He never thought he would be photographed again."      [...]

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