Founded in 2008 as a nonprofit organization, HELP-PORTRAIT® remains a movement built to do one thing: compel the photography, hairstylist and makeup artist communities to use their time, talent and resources to give back.

At the core, Help-Portrait is operated by a volunteer team who puts in countless hours to make each year a reality. But, of course, not everything comes for free.

You may wonder where donations made to Help-Portrait and profits of the merchandise that we sell goes. It’s a good question and a topic that we want to remain transparent about. After all, Help-Portrait belongs to the people and no one else.

Help-Portrait exists on generous contributions from private donors, organizations, sponsorships and merchandise sales. These donations can come in the form of both monetary and in-kind gifts, giving us the ability to operate an efficient infrastructure including:

  • staff
  • office operations
  • professional services (legal, accounting, etc)
  • marketing/PR to further our reach
  • vendor fees (fulfillment costs, etc)
  • local event reimbursements (to registered U.S. events)

More specifically, the following annual report that was submitted to the United States federal government. In it, you will find a categorical listing of income and expenses for the most recent fiscal year. 2011, 2012 reports are forthcoming. 

2010 Annual Report

Total Income – $27,943 USD

  • 24% Local Event Contributions
  • 57% Private Gifts & Donations
  • 19% Merchandise Profit

Expenses – $17,905 USD

  • 24% Local Event Expense Reimbursement
  • 8% Office Operations
  • 14% Professional Fees
  • 20% Marketing/PR
  • 34% Merchandise & Bank Fees

The remaining $10,043 (Net Assets) are being used to help us do it all over again this year.

Through the use of the funds invested, in 2010 alone we inspired 11,720 photographers and volunteers to use their time, talent and resources to give away 61,060 portraits in 46 countries. All together, it costs 29¢ per portrait to bring a smile, capture a story and make a difference—priceless actually.

It is our goal to continue to use the investments that you and others give to build an efficient and sustainable organization that will, one day, see millions of portraits given, not taken. Without you, Help-Portrait is just an idea. With you, we are a movement that will continue to change the world.


If you are interested in donating to Help-Portrait, click here to donate now.


HELP-PORTRAIT® is an active movement of people working to give back to their local communities. In the last year we have organized a program to accept donations and help raise funds for registered and approved U.S. chapters. With your help the impact will grow in scope year each year as we work together to connect and widen our financial resources available for giving back through the Help-Portrait movement.

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