We recently heard from Katherine Cotton, Event Director for Help-Portrait The Passage in London, UK. The Passage provides assistance to the homeless by offering them support and opportunities.

Katherine was eager to share their joy-filled event to encourage others to get involved with Help-Portrait around the world:

We had a great day for Help-Portrait last December. We went to a homeless centre in London called The Passage, and worked with people who use the centre and its services to bring a bit of fun, positivity and even glamour to their lives. It was amazing, and everyone who had their portrait taken got a huge amount out of it.

“The amazing photographer was Charlie Clift, who spent at least an hour with each person, getting them to relax and enjoy themselves. We also had a full team of producer, hair, make up, wardrobe, video, retouching and logistics management.

“A great day and a rare, positive experience for the people we photographed.”

the passage hats

“Sylvia is a client at The Passage,” said Katherine. “She lives on the streets of London, but they are helping her find a new way of living.”

the passage cowboy

Ronnie lives on the streets and is helped by The Passage in Victoria, just like so many other homeless people. He was amazing: a massive entertainer who can sing and dance better than most and he’s 79 years old!”

the passage fluorescent

“World, meet Andy—a proud Scot who enjoyed his photoshoot at #ThePassage. “

the passage black
“Maryann has so much energy and presence, and loved being photographed.”

Thank you, Katherine and Charlie, for sharing these captivating images of your event. Make sure to check out their video of the day, too!