The fifth time’s the charm in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Event Director Aart van Joolingen shared about the lasting impact one portrait can make:

“This time we were guests at the centre Crabbehoeve, a part of Dordrecht with a lot of problems.


“This family has a very little money, so this is their first family picture.


“Pauline’s first time with Help-Portrait was three years ago. We had a guest photographer from Washington, DC who had done Help-Portrait there a year before. Pauline was on drugs, had no contact with her daughter and lived on the street. A commander of the Salvation Army took her to Help-Portrait. The guest photographer took a portrait of her, and the moment she was in the makeup and saw the picture, she blossomed like a rose. Now Pauline assists and is working with the Salvation Army; no drugs, no alcohol.

“It’s exciting what a portrait can do.”


– Aart van Joolingen, Event Director for Help-Portrait Dordrecht, The Netherlands