After meeting Help-Portrait founder Jeremy Cowart in 2010, photographer Kris Hughes-Craig began to chase her dreams. “I opened my own studio this past June, started planning my first Help Portrait Event in July and never looked back.”

Now, as the Event Director for Help-Portrait Plymouth, she shares some of her memories of the event at her studio, TreeHouse Studios:

“Most memorable was a grandmother who cried when she saw her portrait with her only grandkids. She had never had a professional picture taken and hasn’t had her hair or make-up done since she was a teenager.


Cape Cod Photographer Bree Hester shows this young lady her shot!


Cape Cod Salon Owner and Stylist Carlos Albert0 Febre styled this young mans hair for his shoot!


Young woman is happily surprised with her photo of her and her daughter.

“We got several thank you notes, and it was totally worth the months of planning! My volunteers are already planning next year.”

– Kris Hughes-Craig, Event Director for Help-Portrait Plymouth, MA