From People’s Place in Georgetown, Delaware, local Help-Portrait Event Director Michelle Shockley shares photos and memories of the day:


“This a 15-year-old boy has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He does not walk and is wheelchair-bound. He was adopted when he was two and is surrounded by the most loving family. This is their second Help-Portrait Event. His sisters pick him up out of the chair and place him on the stool and he just lights right up. He is not afraid and smiles the entire time. Our team accommodates him lifting the wheelchair up and down the steps to get into the building. He has our hearts.”


Tracie (holding frame, 1st time at Help-Portrait ) with volunteers Sierra, Reagan and Michelle

“My favorite moment this year was talking to a woman as she chose her favorite photo of her and her young granddaughter. She was having a hard time choosing because she said they all looked so good. She was tearing up as she said how much she appreciated all that everyone was doing for them that morning. You could tell that this was a special moment for her and to be able to give her something like that was an amazing feeling!”  – Sam Ellis, Photographer


“This family brought their dog.  Better yet, the grandmother was 87 and she could not believe this was free. She said she never saw so many strangers just smiling and hugging.”

This was People’s Place third Help-Portrait event and they passed on some of the feedback they received afterwards:

“This experience means so much to me. My youngest son is almost 4-years-old and we used to get our pictures taken every year. My mom recently passed away. Not having her with us has been very hard. It made me realize that having family pictures is very important. Having this special memory means the world to me. Thank you!!”

Says Michelle, “This is what a small town with a huge heart can do.”