Anjola Toro & Katrin Eismann reported this from their Help-Portrait event in December 2014 with the School of Visual Arts – MPS Digital Photography in New York City.

“We had a couple that had recently just gotten married and had a baby girl but had had no wedding or wedding/family portrait. We did our best to recreate their wedding/family portrait so that they could have something for their special day. We had individuals who had never been in a photo studio or had been photographed by a photographer before and it was truly amazing to see them glowing and so happy to be taking part in this. Such a rewarding experience for all of us at School of Visual Arts Masters in Digital Photography Program.”






“It takes so little to make a person feel loved and appreciated. This event made me realize that. Just listening and giving positive energy to someone has more value than anything else. The Help-Portrait is such wonderful idea and I hope that more people take part in it next year.”