Hannah Goering from Gurnee, Illinois, shares this video recapping their December 2014 event. This event is perfect to highlight as we kick off our February theme of “love” on the blog. They had two guests couples who had recently married but never had their portraits taken together. Help-Portrait was able to give that to them. Watch the video close to minute 2 for another special story of love — a dad who’s caring and loving for his two beautiful daughters five years after losing his wife.

What was one of the most memorable stories from your event?
We had two couples newly married who had never had a photo taken together that we were able to give portraits to, and also a single father of two girls – his wife had died of cancer a week after their second daughter was born, and they had never had a family portrait taken. His girls were so excited to wear their Christmas dresses.

What was one of the meaningful things someone said?
I think the most powerful thing “said” was actually when we had people speechless, in tears, when they saw their photos.

What did you take away from the event?
This is the second event I’ve coordinated, and we’re still learning how to do it well. But the volunteers and the guests being photographed were all glowing with joy when they left. It feels amazing to take a day out of your holiday season just to give, to focus on loving people.

Thanks, Hannah!

2014 12 13 - Help-Portrait - GCC 7531

2014 12 13 - Help-Portrait - GCC 7533

2014 12 13 - Help-Portrait - GCC 7893