Cathy Becker has been helping bring Help-Portrait to life in Casper, Wyoming for four years. This year, one woman in particular caught her attention.

Lorena had been attending Help-Portrait for three years. The first year, she was a resident of the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission recovering from a 29-year addiction to meth. But now, she’s living a completely different life.

“She has now graduated from their Discipleship Class, has been free of her addiction for four years, and has recently gotten her children back. We are so proud of this beautiful woman!” Cathy said. “She gives all of the credit of her transformation to God. She now has a job and is taking care of her children and grandchildren and helping them through life as well — a place in life that she never thought she’d be!”

Lorena took stunning photos with her two daughters at this year’s Help-Portrait event — a beautiful testament to her hard work, faith and new beginning.




Stylists from the Casper, WY team


Photographers and Volunteers

Thank you to Cathy for sharing Lorena’s story!