One gentleman came in to, “check it out” and see what was “really going on.” He just couldn’t believe it!! He told me his story of being on dialysis for nearly four years and coming to the point of needing a kidney transplant, which took place after a week on the waiting list about three months ago. He felt alive for the first time in years and was being told he looked great again too. His skin color was back to normal, and he was ready to get professional photos done to give to his family and children. He searched for a week and was unsatisfied with his findings. Then at a local community meeting the Thursday before our event, he was given our flyer and told of what we were offering. We talked for 15 minutes or so, He said, “I live close by and will return shortly, I want to change and get ready.” He returned an hour later in his suit ready to go! He left with his portraits, a smile and tears in his eyes!

–Dauss Miller, Indianapolis, Indiana