Hi Friends!

We’re looking forward to a great year remembering past Help-Portrait events and looking forward to greater and wider reach in the future.

If you’d like to be part of the stories shared here on the blog, please see our plan for posts and submit your story in the form below.

Please be prepared to:

  • Share at 5-7 photos
  • Write at least 600 words
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Thanks! Happy 2015!

January–Fresh Starts

We’re looking to tell stories of how Help-Portrait marked a new season of life for a recipient or volunteer.


Love takes on many forms and has many applications. We’d love to share as many heartwarming stories of familial, romantic and platonic love here on the blog. What stories of love have emerged from your Help-Portrait events?

March–Global Spotlight

We’d love to shine a spotlight on what Help-Portrait looks like around the globe. This amazing international movement reaches around the world and touching lives. Let’s capture the scope and show the potential for its growth.


There are so many creative people involved with Help-Portrait. This month we’ll showcase some of the artistic, musical and creative aspects of Help-Portrait and the people who are close to it.


It’s mother’s day in the U.S., but around the world there are numerous stories of beautiful mothers who have held families together and built communities. This month we’re dedicating the blog to moms everywhere and take a look at some of the amazing ones connected to Help-Portrait.


Dads, it’s your turn. This month we look at the men of Help-Portrait, from the volunteers and organizers to the recipients who have

July–Fun & Families

Help-Portrait events are celebrations. This month we shine the spotlight on all the ways Help-Portraits are fun and family-oriented. We’ll talk about ideas and ways to make your event more than a photoshoot.

August–Technology & Equipment

Help-Portrait would be little without the equipment to make photos and the technology to share it. This month we’ll look at the logistics of planning and preparing for Help-Portrait events and what you need to succeed.

September–Non-Profits & Partners

Help-Portrait events succeed because of the support and cooperation of thousands of local, regional, national and international partners and non-profits. This month we feature several of those along with tips on working with them.

October–Words of Wisdom

Some profound and beautiful statements have been made at Help-Portrait event. This month we compile words of wisdom from our recipients and volunteers. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We believe a picture is worth, period, but we also value the words that accompany them.


In the U.S., we celebrate Thanksgiving in November and use it as a time to reflect on blessings. This month on the blog we’ll take time to thank all those involved with Help-Portrait as well as share the stories of gratitude that flow from events.

December–Help-Portrait 2015

It’s Help-Portrait month! We’ll share all the last-minute details of planning your event and begin sharing the statistics and stories from this year’s event.