Teens in Tess McEnroe’s photography class and additional volunteers at Dunn School in Los Olivos, California, pitched in Dec. 6, 2014 for Help-Portrait’s worldwide event, taking photos for those who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to take quality photographs of themselves or their families.

The group took photos of 36 individuals, including two large groups, a few families and several individuals. One group was made up of high school students who were in an English as a Second Language class together, who were primarily from immigrant families from Mexico and Central America. The other was a group from a juvenile detention center.

“I could tell they really enjoyed themselves, especially interacting with other kids their age and being treated like regular teenagers,” said McEnroe. “I was so proud of my students and the wonderful job they did that day. I know they felt that they made a difference in some local lives and enjoyed sharing their talent and home turf/art studio with the community. My main goal in my classroom is to empower my students to believe that they can make a difference in the world with their camera and telling stories that matter.”