Hi HP Community,

Help-Portrait officially starts right now in Australia. Over the next 36 hours, there will be thousands of photographers, hairstylist and makeup artists assisting in providing portraits, love and hope all around the world. We’re grateful that we get to partner with you on this sixth annual Help-Portrait day.

A few things to remember as you’re heading into your day:

  1. Please don’t forget to use the hashtag, #helpportrait when posting on social media. This will make it easiest for us to track what’s happening.
  2. If you’re a HP local leader, please submit your event statistics here » http://helpportrait.wpengine.com/report. We are looking for details on the number of subjects, photogs, makeup artists, hairstylists and volunteers.
  3. We’ll be updating the front page of the HP site with global impact numbers as soon as they start rolling in. Check it out at http://helpportrait.wpengine.com

As we’ve said many times before, thank you for making Help-Portrait a reality. Without you, this movement is nothing but an idea.

Kyle & Jeremy
Help-Portrait, Inc.