“Lac-Mégantic, a small town in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, was changed forever on July 6th, 2013 when an unmanned 74-car freight train derailed in the heart of the town killing 47 people and decimating over 30 buildings.

We set up a special Help-Portrait event to give photographs to anyone who was touched by this horrific event, as well as to the families of the first-responders from the surrounding areas who helped extinguish the fires.

Polyvalente Montignac, Lac-Mégantic’s high school, allowed us to use their gym as studio space. The school was used as emergency shelter after the tragic accident as many people were evacuated from their homes.

HelpPortrai tLacMegantic2013-33P

Though the day was generally upbeat, people shared some very difficult stories with us. Stories of loss, of tragedy. We are very thankful that people shared their stories with us and allowed us into their lives.

HelpPortrai tLacMegantic2013-16P

HelpPortrai tLacMegantic2013-5P

We thank everyone from Lac-Mégantic for welcoming us with open arms and beaming smiles. We all had an incredible day, one that we will not soon forget.”

– Tim Snow, Photographer, Help-Portrait Lac-Mégantic

Read Tim’s full blog post and see more photos from Help Portrait Lac-Mégantic’s event here.

Click here to view a time-lapse video of the day.