I am not a photographer, make up artist or hair stylist, but I know many people who are. I am a personal trainer/fitness instructor. One of the groups I train consists of mentally and physically handicapped adults. When I heard about the project, I thought it would be really cool to see who I could get to come and bless these people with an event to do this.

We had 16 participants, 1 professional photographer, 5 hair stylists, 5 makeup artists, 1 manicurist and several ‘nail painters,’ plus a few people willing to do anything, show up. One makeup rep who couldn’t make it donated ‘goodie bags’ with skin and makeup products to give them as a take home gift.

It was so awesome! To see the willing generosity of those who gave of their time and talents, and the beaming faces of the participants. They LOVED getting fixed up and having their picture taken. We will be printing, framing and then delivering the finished product to them.

Everyone just kept saying over and over how special/cool/awesome/amazing this was. AND it will probably become an annual event for this population.

-Gail Cuthbert, Federal Way, WA