“This December I had the chance to be in Burkina Faso, Africa on December 7th. Along with filmmaker Tyler Faires, we setup a Help-Portrait event in the poorest area of Burkina, Sector 30. Throughout the day we captured over 175 portraits for these beautiful people.

One of our highlights was having the privilege of shooting for the Handicap Association of Burkina Faso. Often neglected by their own community, over a dozen individuals joined us to have their picture taken. It was an amazing experience I will never forget.”

РCarson Nyquist, Production Coordinator/Photographer, Envision/Help-Portrait Burkina Faso

Click here to view a video from the Help-Portrait event in Burkina Faso.

Burkina Faso 2013 - 4

Burkina Faso 2013 - 1

Burkina Faso 2013 - 2

Burkina Faso 2013 - 3

 More photos from the Burkina Faso Help-Portrait day can be viewed on
Carson’s flickr page.