Rachel Chalhoub, West Palm Beach, FL, USA:

This has been my second time working on Help-Portrait. My former
co-worker, Jamilah Newcomer, introduced me to the program when she was
still a teacher with me. I got the opportunity to work as a photo editor
my first time around. It was such a rewarding experience that I wanted to
be a part of the next one for sure. A few months ago Jamilah emailed me
and asked if I’d be interested in helping out again. This time she needed
someone to help document the day and asked if I wouldn’t mind creating a
short video of the event.

On December 8th I got the chance to work with Jamilah and many other
generous photographers and volunteers on Help-Portrait at the local
child/family services center. Getting to interact with the kids and have
them light up at the sight of my camera was an amazing experience. They all
were amazed at the equipment I was using and wanted to know what I was
filming for. When they found out they definitely ‘hammed’ it up for me.
But my favorite moments were those true genuine feelings of pride that I
caught on film. When each kid saw their photo completed, they were so
proud of their families. It was something they could hold and show that
they were a family, and I felt so honored to share that day with them.

As a full-time educator, I see how important families are in a child’s
life. And to be able to give something to them to strengthen that bond is
something I wish I could do every day.