David Castillo, Tijuana Baja California, México

We photographed a group of 22 seniors, ranging in ages from 65 to 88 years old, some feel weak, others tired and others felt forgotten and alone. They cast aside all that and made a long trip to our rendezvous site, so enthusiastic and happy about their photograph. Being able to make them so happy with a portrait was the most impactful part of the event.

One person said that in her 67 years, there were not that many meaningful moments in her life…. But this was definitely one of the best!

Another person said, “Thank you for this gift, and doing this for us, as for many of us are all alone, and seldom have someone doing things for us… God bless you and keep you!”

The joy in the faces of those who are elderly and feel forgotten and really appreciate a portrait even before they were photographed is what made this, for all of us, unequivocal!Hp_dcp_dc_2517_s_2400

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