Tiffany Christina Stewart, Farmington Hills, MI, USA:

This year we ran a very small event, doing a senior portrait photo shoot for three high school gentlemen at a local kids residential center. It was wonderful to watch their transition during the shoot from shy and quiet to confident and having a blast. Once they got warmed up they didn’t even need any direction – the poses kept coming, you just had to make sure your shutter finger was ready! By the end of the day the kids were laughing and dancing during the shoot (even though we didn’t have any music). It was a day that made them the center of attention and allowed them to feel like normal kids, with a package of senior portraits to remember the day and share with friends. And as a bonus, they will now appear in their high school senior yearbook. I guess we did OK as we were told by the kids that we took many “money shots.” The Director of the center later mentioned how one of the boy’s faces lit up when he was telling him about the day and reenacting some of his poses. So, while it seemed like a small event to our team, we saw how huge it was in the eyes of these three kids.

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