Jens Winkler, Basel, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland:

We only shot people with mentaly and cognitive handicaps. We had several employees reporting that models returned home very proud, showing their framed picture around the house to everybody, saying: that’s me.

One other example: A woman isn’t able to have makeup on her eyes for medical reasons. She has a severe cognitive disorder as well. The retoucher heard about it, took a ps-eyedrop of her eyecolor and painted some makeup on her picture – to her absolute delight.

A other retoucher had the patience to wait for a woman without language to point to one of two pictures on his screen after a long pause of waiting, to retouch this picture and print it out as her choice.

“I have never seen myself so beautiful – I will hang it up in my room and look at it every day.” 15-year-old girl with a cognitve disorder.