Syed Usama Ali, Karachi Sind, Pakistan:

Actually it wasn’t a one-day event for us here in Pakistan. We gave the interested photographers a bracket to return the portraits till the 30th of Dec 2012 at their own convenience.

One of the most interesting stories came when this friend took a portrait of these four helpers in her house whose families lived far away in another town. They had no clue the portraits would be returned back to them and when the day came they were elated! They had their portraits sent to their families back home who hadn’t seen them in a while.

Best things in life aren’t said but felt; the happiness in their eyes I saw was priceless!

Working with a not-for-profit organization that builds schools in difficult areas of Pakistan and having visited several communities on a daily basis, I knew how happy people get after seeing their photos on my camera’s lcd! Giving them back a tangible print of their own portrait brightened up their day. And mine!