Rowena Sjovall, Lithia, FL, USA:

This was the first time we participated in this event. We weren’t sure if we were going to pull it off as we started planning late October. Our community as a whole gave to make this event a success – a homebuilder donating use of one of their models for portraits, a local restaurant donating breakfasts, neighbors who donated refreshments and other goodies. From a planning and execution perspective, it was truly a community effort.

As far as those who we took pictures of, each family had a story to tell and everyone who received their picture seemed touched and could not even fathon how to express their appreciation, most of them did not speak English and we had translators. Someone said that kind and generous people still exist. We gave them a gift that they would never had gotten because they can’t afford it. Most of the families cannot even afford their kids’ school pictures so they don’t even have any pictures of their kids.