submitted by Juan Rubalcava in Hermosillo City, México

“You know, I’m not rich, I don’t have nothing to give to my family when I die. This picture is my inheritance.” –Baltazar, the elder of his community

Juan also shared this story: “The other picture is from Miguel and his daughter Rosaura. They were a normal family when they had an horrible accident a few years back. His wife couldn’t go ahead with the situation and left him and Rosaura alone. They have no other family, it’s only him and the girl. He is her father and mother, he combs her, cleans her, and takes her to his daily job. He’s always talking in plural, always speaking for her and saying, ‘Rosaura says thank you’ (she can’t speak). He was struggling to smile for the picture until I said, ‘Now give her a kiss and tell her how much you love her.'”