Editor’s Note: Help-Portrait volunteer Jessica Barker sent in this bit of inspiration about Minneapolis/St. Paul’s Help-Portrait team.

Our Metro Help Squad team in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota is over 200 volunteers strong. Three of those volunteers are me, my mother Hanna, and my daughter Lily.

We’ve spent time together the last three years giving the gift of professional photographs to people at a homeless shelter, at a crisis center for women & families and a music high school for at risk-teens.

My challenge to you is to incorporate YOUR family within the volunteer group in your city – bring your sister or brother, your cousin, your dad, your grandmother, your kids, etc.

Neither my mother nor my daughter are photographers, but they love to help others and have huge hearts. I am proud to call them my family – both by blood and by being connected by Help-Portrait.

Share the love one photo at a time. Here are a couple of ours.