Editor’s note: Debbi Robertson, a Help-Portrait volunteer in Fort Worth, Texas, shares their plans for Help-Portrait 2012 in this guest blog post. Have an idea for an event? Share it in the comments below.

Debbi Robertson and one of the Admin Team members (Carol Gray) on the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk in Hico, TX.

This year Help-Portrait Fort Worth, TX is serving the Christ’s Haven for Children located in Keller (a suburb of FW). It is a home for children ages 0-17 along with staff and House Families. The children are there for a multitude of reasons: parents cannot care for the children for whatever reason, possibly no longer living, etc. The home is EXTREMELY excited about our involvement!

We have an Admin Team of 7 and then several committees, each with a committee lead person.

They are:

  • Photographers/Assistants/Lightroom Techs/Behind the Scenes Photographers
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Food Catering and Servers (we are having lunch catered for the children, staff and all volunteers)
  • Framers
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Shepherds (those who will shepherd the children from one station to another)
  • Registration and Reception
  • Resource/Donations
  • Children’s After-Event Project
  • We currently have about 75 COMMITTED volunteers and more and more are joining us daily.

We are printing 3 photos each (“Thank you” to Walmart for their generous donation of the printing.) One will go to the child, another to send to a family member of the child (to be a reminder to those who may have forgotten their child or to bless those who desire to be with them, but for whatever reason cannot), and the third will be used as the Craft project. They will be decorating mats that will show “What Christ’s Haven means to them.” and then giving those to the home to display as they please.

McDonalds is graciously providing food and we will be joining the children and home-staff for lunch. A massage therapist is donating her time and bringing her chair to give 5-10 minute massages to the staff and House Family Parents while the photos and crafts are keeping the children occupied. We are even planning to have an After-Event Project to give the children a taste of photography and then show them what their gifts and talents have produced. We will bring point and shoot cameras to the event and allow the children to take photos of the photographers, then do something with those photos afterwards to give to the Home.) We want them to see their potential and quite possibly spark future photographers.

We are VERY excited and HONORED to be a part of such a wonderful Event. This is our first, but we are already making plans for next year!

Thank you Help-Portrait for this opportunity to serve and love on these children in a unique way!