Call, email or text your Help-Portrait event sponsors (your nonprofit venue and corporate sponsors) and ask them to back this Groupon campaign.

Let them know all money raised goes to fund the local event where it’s raised. Ask the them to share the following to reach out to their mailing lists to further the reach of this campaign. Here’s some suggested copy for you and them to use.

Your copy:

Subject: Help-Portrait needs you!


[your city here] has an incredible opportunity to raise money for our local event through a $10 for $20 donation through Groupon. We need your help to raise as much money as possible to qualify for a matching corporate donation from Wacom. Would you share the following with your email list within the next two days?

Thanks for your help!

Their copy:

Subject: Your chance to give to a great cause

Help-Portrait changes lives in our community each year by providing professional portraits for individuals and families who would otherwise never have them. Through a current Groupon campaign, you have the opportunity to give a $10 for a $20 donation that will provide the chance for two families to receive a photography session, three portraits and a frame this coming holiday season. Donate here:

Thanks for providing love & light to people in need!

Include pictures from your local event, or use the following to help illustrate the impact of Help-Portrait events.