Tamara Okoti, organizer of Help-Portrait Abbotsford, BC, Canada shared these photos and memories from their December 2011 event in which 300 people received free portraits from 100 volunteers.

“This is my second year co-organizing this event, and it is always so great to know that you have impacted someone’s life by way of a simple picture. It is a way that I can give back to others, even though I wouldn’t have the money to give, I can give of my time and talents.”

“There were several women who came in who believed that they looked ugly in all photos. These women were tearfully happy with the results, and especially happy with the positive feedback from volunteers. One particular woman is well known at a local shelter, and felt that her picture made her look old (she has not had a picture in several years and likely the last good memory of how she looks was a good 20 yrs ago). Many of our volunteers spent a good portion of time boosting her ego (the picture was actually quite good), and the next day she was happily showing it off to the other women at the shelter.”

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