Wednesday is the final day of Help-Portrait’s Groupon Grassroots Campaign to raise money for local events this Dec. 8. We met & exceeded our fundraising goal of 400 to qualify for our corporate matching donation of $4,000 from Wacom. But we can’t stop now! Keep tweeting, emailing and Facebooking your community to raise more money for your local events.

Some have asked how to donate to their local event if there isn’t a Groupon in their city. Donate to any city and then fill out the “Donor Contact Form linked to from your voucher to

Regardless of your location, it’s important to fill out the Donor Contact Form and specify which city you want your Groupon donation to be applied, or else the money will go to the group closest to your zip code.

If you’ve donated, the link to the Donor Contact Form is on your Groupon Voucher, and we’ve included it here for your convenience. This form is, of course, only valid for those who have given donations through this Groupon campaign.