Most Help-Portrait events happen on the second Saturday each December. However, individual groups can choose their give-back event anytime that’s best for those they’re working with. Max Mikhaylenko from Vancouver, Wash., shared these images and video from their Help-Portrait event held this past Easter.

“It was a sunny Easter morning, and people from the local family shelter who had previously signed up started to pour into the studio. We had live bunny rabbits for the kids to play with, uplifting music from the K-Love radio station, and some very talented hair and makeup people as well as photographers. Of course every individual had their own story, one particular gal I remember distinctly because she got emotional and started to cry, as her husband that just got out of jail, promised to do everything he can to change his old ways. This very first family portrait of theirs apparently struck a chord in his soul, and it was sweet to see the positive result.”

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