I chose to become involved with Help-Portrait for many reasons. As an artist, the idea of serving people in a creative way resonated deeply with me. Working alongside of friends while serving? Even better. It’s been a wonderfully fulfilling experience to serve with a team of people who have a unified purpose and passion for helping others. I receive a great deal more as a volunteer than I expected – and am deeply privileged to have a first row seat at watching love unfold. As head of the glam team in Nashville, I’ve had a unique look into how the simple act of serving women through hair and makeup reminds them that they are significant, beautiful and extraordinary.

At our first event at the Nashville Rescue Mission in Nashville, I did makeup for a woman who had never had her makeup done before (which, as it turns out, is quite common at the events). As soon as she looked at her face in the mirror, she began to cry. Not out of sadness, but pure joy. She told me with conviction, “I have never felt this beautiful.” It wasn’t because the makeup I did was amazing – it was because someone sat down with her and gave her love, attention and encouragement. I will never forget the look on her face, because it was such a sweet moment. It showed me once again that people need the reassurance that they are valued.

At the end of the day, it’s not that the makeup, hair, photography or anything else at a Help-Portrait event is amazing (although that’s often true). What’s amazing is the act of serving people with all you have, and seeing the beauty which flows out of that. We as a generation are beginning to understand the value of giving our lives away, not just at big events, but on a daily basis. We are keying into the fact that we are “more blessed to give than receive.” Help-Portrait is great inspiration towards a lifestyle of serving and loving others creatively! Here’s to keeping eyes and hands wide open. ;)

Amy Stanfield

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