Coordinating a global effort like Help-Portrait takes a lot of behind-the-scenes efforts – efforts, that without the help of a service like Social Rain, would be untraceable. We’d have a hard time knowing our reach. Social Rain offered their services to us this past year through Carolyn Haggard, managing partner at Rain Cloud Media, the maker of Social Rain Technology. She was a volunteer for H-P last year and she offered their social media analysis technology for our us for free this year.

They not only helped us set up, manage and track all of our social media outlets, but they used their team to help us think strategically and even executed some of the campaign, according to Trey Bowles, Help-Portrait’s volunteer over strategic partnerships.

“They have gone above and beyond in all cases to support us and help make H-P as successful as possible in our social media strategy,” Bowles added. “They have empowered us to be able to more fully and comprehensively share the message of H-P around the world, connecting people, telling the story of H-P and spreading the vision and mission online making a larger impact across the globe.”

We highly recommend checking out Social Rain‘s social media tools for your company, project or next campaign. Thanks, Carolyn and the team at Rain Cloud Media, for your invaluable contribution to Help-Portrait and your help in touching lives around the world.