From Timothy Swanson in Wilmington, DE:

Lindsay, a wheelchair bound mother of two young children, and her husband Jason, came into our event after hearing about it from one of the event coordinators. Lindsay was excited about the opportunity she was being given, but Jason on the other hand seemed to be a little unenthusiastic about the process. Jason did not want to have anyone touch his hair let alone remove his hat. After talking to Mark Varone, one of the barbers, Jason came around. Mark and his staff worked their magic to clean up Jason and ended up cutting his hair! While Jason was getting his hair cut, Lindsay had her hair styled by J Christian, an internationally known platform artist. Their daughter Alysia, worried that her dad would be upset with the way his hair turned out. Lindsay, Jason and the kids had their portraits taken and were nothing but smiles.

Oliver was brought in from a group home. He was very shy, and didn’t know what to expect. Leo, one of our photographers, did a great job talking to Oliver. He left with a smile on his face, and a portrait in a frame he picked out.

It’s not what people said it was their reaction when they realized what they were getting at no cost. Being able to see some of my own family smiling was awesome after know what they have gone through. Also, knowing that our group of 35 volunteers would come back and do it again tomorrow, no questions asked!