Corey Hage of Seattle, WA, shares these from the Help-Portrait December 2011 event:

One of our volunteers noticed a homeless man out side our location. He went out to invite inside. Turns out he the homeless man had been kicked out of the a coffee shot next door while reading the newspaper. He was livid. After coming in and visiting with me he said: “You know, that one guy invited me in for a cup of coffee, and now I’m getting my portrait taken. I feel good right now. It doesn’t matter what just happened next door. Thank you.”

“I’m so excited, we now have photos to hang on our bare walls in our new apartment,” said by a young girl who just got off the streets with her boyfriend and into a new apartment. She was so overwhelmed with joy.

Humbled to be a photographer. The joy of seeing people when they received their printed portraits was priceless. Thank you for making this something for us to do.